Sunrises and Sunsets

Its next to impossible to predict when a multicoloured sunrise will occur; most of my images were captured down to good luck and getting up very early (I'm not the best in the world at doing this).

I do follow some guidelines which you may find helpful to plan, in my mind, for these most beautiful occurances of nature.

You need to find out the periods of civil twilight "The Twilight Zone" which occur before sunrise and after sunset where you live. A useful website to find this out is the U.S. Naval Observatory. If you don't live in the USA you will need to find out your latitude and longitude and your time zone relative to the Greenwich (Prime) Meridian. You can find out your position by using Multimap.

Make sure you're in position to view the sunrise or sunset at the start of civil twilight; this is when most of the beautiful colours occur but before you do, check the weather forecast. If the weather is 100% overcast or 100% clear you'll almost certainly not see anything. You need some material in the air like dust and clouds to bring out the colours.

Most Importantly Protect Your Eyes. Even light from a low sun is damaging.