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Publishing: If you are interested in using my work for a brochure, CD album sleeve, book cover or something else then please get in touch. Rates depend on type of publication and circulation but if you're looking on behalf of a charity (or similar) then I can usually help you for free. My photographs were taken as RAW or Jpeg files, the majority are 8 mega pixels although some are 3 mega pixels.

Buy Single Prints: The majority of my photographs can be bought. A4 prints (297mm by 210mm) on glossy +270gsm photographic paper are supplied in the following formats:
Type 1: Full face, cropped image. Type 2: Full image with borders.
You can buy a photograph through PayPal, simply go to the gallery, select an image, choose one of the options above and click add to basket.

The cost per print is: £12.50

Delivery charge within the UK is £2.50 first class recorded within the UK (please allow 7 days) or standard airmail for elsewhere (please allow 21 days)

The delivery charges remain the same for up to 3 images purchased.