I've been fascinated by photography for a long time but only started taking it seriously from 2002. The majority of my work is composed at the spur of the moment, I like the randomness of finding compostions and freedom of feeling I don't have to be genre specific. Saying that, I do tend to drift towards nature and colour, guess that explains all the Sunsets and Butterflies.

I use a myriad of different analog and digital cameras and carry one with me most of the time - you never know what will present itself. I'm presently using a Canon Digital Rebel XT DSLR. More recently my interest in photography has developed into creating timelapse sequences, animation and video editing.

My background is broadly media and science based. I've got a degree in Physics and my day job is in television and mixed media.

I went online on 5th September 2005. The site is called Skys Edge for a few reasons, partly for my love of sunrises and sunsets. Sky's Edge is a fictional world from a favourite series of books by Alaistair Reynolds. Lastly, calling it would probably confuse and me with Sam Taylor-Wood, my full name is Samuel William MacKenzie Taylor.

I have sold a fair number of prints and recently had a one of my photos on the cover of a book. My work is available for publishing and I can provide single prints if you want them, please go to the 'Buy Images' section to find out more.